Honors Contract List

An honors contract is a one-credit-hour extension of a regular course that allows more in-depth investigation of a subject.

Honors contracts are offered in a variety of classes as a means for students to gain more knowledge about specific topics covered in a class. The focus of the contract is determined by discussions between the student and faculty mentor.

Students do not have to be in the honors program to enroll in one contract, but must meet the eligibility requirements, including being degree-seeking and having a 3.5 GPA with a minimum of 12 JCCC hours. Enrollment in more than one contract requires admission to the honors program. There are a limited number of honors contracts available to students who are not in the honors program; admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Enrollment is during the first two weeks of the spring and fall semesters. Summer session has limited availability for contracts. Students may enroll in a contract associated with a class they are currently enrolled in or a class they completed the previous semester (with instructor discretion). 

The process starts in the Honors office, COM 201. Stop in to see what types of exciting opportunities are involved with a contract. You can request information about contracts in the Honors office, COM 201, at 913-469-2434 or by email.

Honors Contracts

Discipline Course
ACCT 121
ACCT 122
ACCT 222
Accounting I
Accounting II
Managerial Accounting
Administration of Justice
ADMJ 121
ADMJ 133
Introduction to Administration of Justice
Juvenile Delinquency
ANTH 125
ANTH 126
ANTH 130
ANTH 134
ANTH 142
Cultural Anthropology
Physical Anthropology
World Cultures
Native Americans
World Prehistory
ARCH 245 Architectural History: Modern
ART 129
ART 148
Design Color
Metal and Silversmithing I
Art History
ARTH 180
ARTH 182
ARTH 184
Art History: Ancient to the Renaissance
Art History: Renaissance to Modern
Art History: Twentieth Century
ASTR 122 Astronomy
BIOL 125
BIOL 130
BIOL 132
BIOL 135
BIOL 140
BIOL 144
BIOL 225
BIOL 227
BIOL 230
BIOL 235
General Botany
Environmental Science
Introduction to Public Health
Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology
Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Physiology
Human Pathophysiology
General Nutrition

BUS 121
BUS 123
BUS 140
BUS 141
BUS 150
BUS 215
BUS 225
BUS 235
BUS 243
BUS 261
BUS 263

Introduction to Business
Personal Finance
Principles of Supervision
Principles of Management
Business of Communications
Savings and Investments
Human Relations
Introduction to International Business
Human Resource Management
Business Law I
Business Law II

CHEM 122
CHEM 124
CHEM 131
CHEM 220
CHEM 221
Principles of Chemistry
General Chemistry I Lecture
General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Computer Information Systems
CIS 201 Introduction to Information Systems
Computer Science
CS 200
CS 210
Concepts of Programming Algorithms Using C++
Discrete Structures I
Dental Hygiene

DHYG 221
DHYG 225
DHYG 245

Clinical Dental Hygiene III
Nitrous Oxide Analgesia

Dietary Managers
DIET 151 Nutrition and Meal Planning

DRAF 164
DRAF 264

Architectural Drafting/Residential Interior Design
CAD: Interior Design

ECON 132
ECON 230
ECON 231
Survey of Economics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
ENGR 254 Dynamics

ENGL 121
ENGL 122
ENGL 130
ENGL 217
ENGL 223
ENGL 224
ENGL 230
ENGL 232
ENGL 236
ENGL 237
ENGL 250
ENGL 254

Composition I
Composition II
Introduction to Literature
Literature by Women
Creative Writing
Creative Writing Workshop
Introduction to Fiction
Children’s Literature
British Literature I
British Literature II
World Masterpieces
Masterpieces of the Cinema


FASH 121
FASH 125
FASH 131
FASH 133
FASH 150
FASH 242
FASH 224

Fashion Fundamentals
Visual Merchandising
Flat Pattern Development
Computer Aided Apparel Design
Consumer Product Evaluation
History of Costume

Foreign Languages  

FL 121
FL 131
FL 140
FL 141
FL 150
FL 161
FL 171
FL 178
FL 179
FL 220
FL 221
FL 223
FL 230
FL 231
FL 234
FL 240
FL 241
FL 243
FL 248

Elementary German II
Elementary Spanish II
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Elementary Russian I
Elementary Italian II
Elementary Japanese II
Intermediate Russian I
Intermediate Russian II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Conversational German
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Conversational Spanish
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Conversational French
Conversational Arabic

GAME 180 Artificial Intelligence for Games
GEOS 130
GEOS 140
GEOS 145
General Geology
Physical Geography
World Regional Geography
Graphic Design
GDES 131
GDES 132
GEOS 134
GDES 231
Drawing & Media Methods 2
Layout Design
Advanced Typography
Global and International Studies
GIST 250 Introduction to Globalization
HC 125 International Awareness Field Study

HIST 125
HIST 126
HIST 129
HIST 141
HIST 150
HIST 152

Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Early Modern Europe 1500-1789
U.S. History Since 1877
Islam: Religion & Civilization
World History II: Modern World

HORT 201 Introduction to Horticultural Science
Hospitality Management

HMGT 121
HMGT 123
HMGT 150
HMGT 223
HMGT 230

Perspectives of Hospitality Management
Professional Cooking I
Seminar: Food Service
Fundamentals of Baking
Professional Cooking II


HUM 122
HUM 145
HUM 155
HUM 165
HUM 167

Introduction to Humanities
Introduction to World Humanities I
Classical Mythology
Introduction to Chinese Culture
Introduction to Japanese Culture

Interior Design

ITMD 125
ITMD 202
ITMD 215
ITMD 222
ITMD 224

Interior Textiles
Interior Design II
Environmental Systems
Interior Design III
Interior Design IV


JOUR 120
JOUR 122
JOUR 125

Mass Media and Society
Reporting for the Media
Fundamentals of Advertising

Legal Studies (Paralegal)

LAW 132
LAW 134
LAW 142
LAW 162
LAW 195
LAW 201
LAW 205
LAW 245
LAW 247
LAW 269
LAW 270

Civil Litigation
Introduction to Legal Technology
Family Law
Legal Research
Advanced Legal Technology
Legal Analysis & Writing
Elder Law
Intellectual Property Law
Bankruptcy Law
Administrative Law

Marketing Management

MKT 202
MKT 230

Consumer Behavior


MATH 171
MATH 172
MATH 173
MATH 181
MATH 231
MATH 241
MATH 242
MATH 243
MATH 246
MATH 254

College Algebra
Business & Applied Calculus I
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Elementary Linear Algebra
Differential Equations

MUS 162 Chamber Choir II

NURS 100
NURS 125
NURS 150
NURS 175
NURS 200
NURS 225

Concepts of Nursing Care: Foundations
Health Assessment in Nursing
Concepts of Nursing Care: Childbearing Family/Children
Concepts of Nursing Care: PN to RN Transition
Concepts of Nursing Care: Adult Health Alterations
Concepts of Nursing Care: Complex Patient Care Mgmt.


PHIL 121
PHIL 124
PHIL 143

Introduction to Philosophy
Logic and Critical Thinking

PHOT 122 Advanced Photography
PHYS 130 College Physics I
Political Science

POLS 122
POLS 132
POLS 135
POLS 200

Political Science
Introduction to Comparative Government
International Relations
Model United Nations


PSYC 130
PSYC 215
PSYC 218
PSYC 220
PSYC 250

Introduction to Psychology
Child Development
Human Development
Social Psychology
Health Psychology

REL 120
REL 150

Exploring World Religions
Islam: Religion & Civilization


SOC 122
SOC 125

Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems


SPD 120
SPD 180

Interpersonal Communication
Intercultural Communication


THEA 120
THEA 121
THEA 130
THEA 230

Introduction to Theater
Fundamentals of Acting
Acting I
Acting II