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Honors Courses

The honors program offers a limited number of courses designed specifically for honors students.

Honors English Composition I, Composition II and Public Speaking are offered each semester, and additional offerings vary each semester.

Be sure to enroll in the specific sections of the courses listed below.

Spring 2018

Course Title CRN# Instructor
HON 250 Honors Forum: The American Dream, Is It Still Alive? 10738 Amy Pace
ENGL 121 Composition I Honors 11448 Sam Bell
ENGL 121 Composition I Honors 11469 Sam Bell
ENGL 122 Composition II Honors 11603 Monica Hogan
HON 250 Honors Forum: Southeast Kansas as Text 12864 Tai Edwards
SOC 122 Intro to Sociology Honors 10036 Eve Blobaum
SPD 121 Public Speaking Honors 12302 Justin Stanley
HUM 156 Contemporary Approaches
to World Mythology Honors
10088 Katherine Bailes
MATH 181 Statistics Honors 12010 Kitzeln Siebert
LEAD 130 Leadership and Civic Engagement 10747 Terri Easley-Giraldo