Krista Thomas

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Sections meet for lab 1 day a week and class 4 hours a week. In class, we use guided lecture notes. These are notes, purchased through the bookstore, which I have typed up, leaving space to fill in key points and problem solve as we go through the material. This type of notes saves us time in class to utilize for additional practice and group activities to enhance learning in the classroom. Additionally, videos of the course content are provided online in the event that a student must miss class or wishes to review a particular topic. Weekly quizzes should be expected, and there is no opportunity to make up a missed quiz.

Sections meet for lab 1 day a week, with all other content for the course online. The content is provided in the form of videos, in which the guided lecture notes (described above in the face to face section) are presented on the video, similar to an in-class lecture. Deadlines are set on a weekly basis, always before lab meetings, but it is up to a student to decide how to pace the material due over the course of the week. Quizzes over the course material are given weekly during the lab period.

Resource Use

Guided lecture notes, purchased at the bookstore for the course, are used to cover the course material. Additionally, a set of practice material for the course is provided for purchase at the bookstore, as well as a lab manual for use in lab. The textbook is not heavily used, but recommended as an additional resource. Online homework may or may not be utilized in the course, but students should anticipate that as a possible resource as well. Other material is required for the course, including lab coats and goggles.  


12%: Quizzes/homework if applicable
45%: Five Unit tests, 9% each
18% Cumulative final with 50% covering unit 6 material
20% Lab (with lab Midterm and Final at 5% each)
5% Project/presentation

Homework Policy

Online homework may be utilized and will have a due date associated with each assignment. Most homework will be in the form of practice that you are expected to complete in a timely manner, but will not be collected for a grade. Failure to complete the practice material, however, will leave students unprepared for tests and quizzes.

Attendance Policy

Lab attendance is mandatory, as missing more than 2 labs will result in an automatic F for the course. Lab make-up with other sections I teach MAY be possible, but that should not be relied upon. Class attendance is not mandatory, but students that miss class are responsible for all material and announcements. Quizzes may not be made up. Students will quickly discover that missing class is detrimental to their learning and performance, so I will always highly discourage missing any classes.


I have five office hours a week on campus, typically mid-day or late afternoon on the days that I teach face to face classes, and I am available by email. Typically, I respond quickly to emails, but I ask that students do not expect email response for 24 hours, especially for weekend emails.