Lynne Overesch-Maister

Teaching style

Daily class activities include whole class and individual response, paired conversations, written practice, quizzes. Classroom language: Spanish; elementary level questions answered in English if necessary. Oriented toward oral and written proficiency. 

Homework, participation and attendance
Daily homework and/or quizzes. Regular attendance and active participation required. Together, these elements account for approximately 16% of the course grade (10-17% range). 

Tests and quizzes
Chapter tests (depending on course, lowest test grade usually dropped), final exam, and final one-on-one oral evaluation.  These comprise 60-75% of the course grade. 

Background and other interests
Doctorate in contemporary Spanish novel. Certified Oral Proficiency Tester and Trainer.  Residence in Spain and Chile; travels include Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.  Interests:  contemporary Hispanic music and technology.