International and Immigrant Students Preparing to Leave the United States

Student checklist of things to do before leaving the United States.

The following list will help make your journey outside of the U.S. more efficient so that when you return, you responsibilities and financial obligations will not cause you hardship or prevent enrollment or transfer of your coursework to another university.

  1. Make arrangements for your return travel
    • Book your ticket home early. Don’t wait until you finish exams or you may miss out and end up paying more for your travel. Once you know your final exam schedule, schedule your return flight.
  2. Make arrangements to transport your personal belongings home and investigate custom regulations
    • Allow adequate time to pack your belongings – You can access helpful hints in how to best pack and send your belongings home
  3. Return things that you borrowed
    • If you have any borrowed items from the library, it is important that you return them as this can lead to your results being withheld and incurring fines. It’s also important to return any items you may have borrowed from friends.
  4. Settle all of your university and personal accounts before leaving the United States.
    • Submit a completed JCCC Change of Address Form
    • Complete paperwork with the U.S. Post Office so that bills or other mail may be sent to you after you return home. The post office can provide change-of-address cards
  5. Contact the phone company to disconnect your phone.
  6. Call the long telephone distance carrier to be sure that all charges are paid before you leave.
  7. Close your U.S. bank account.
  8. File any pending medical claim forms before you go and pay any balance that you owe.
  9. Complete all of your academic responsibilities.
  10. Pay any outstanding library fines; otherwise you will not receive your grades.
  11. Make arrangements with the appropriate payroll office to have your check(s) forwarded to you, if you are a JCCC employee notify payroll and have your direct deposit bank account closed that you set up for direct deposit for payroll.
    • Leave a forwarding address with the JCCC Human Resources and Payroll offices for those offices to mail you your W-2 form next January for Income Tax Filing Purposes
  12. Give a 30-day written notice to your landlord with the date that you will be vacating your apartment, if you live off-campus.
  13. Arrange for an apartment inspection with your landlord.
    • Agree on a date to receive your security/damage deposit refund, request in writing

To help you deal with the changes when you go home, refer to this link How to Cope with Reverse Culture Shock.