Elizabeth Hunt MD, MPH, PhD

David S. and Marilyn M. Zamierowski Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

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Dr. Hunt is currently an attending pediatric Intensivist in the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics and is Chair of the Johns Hopkins CPR Advisory Committee. She is a founding member and Senior Co-Chair of INSPIRE, i.e. International Network of Simulation-based Innovation, Research and Education. Dr. Hunt’s academic efforts are dedicated to exploring innovative methods to improve the quality of care delivered and ultimately clinical outcomes for children who suffer a cardiopulmonary arrest. This includes implementation of Rapid Response Systems, cardiac arrest data capture and debriefing, medical device and simulator redesign and the introduction of novel simulation educational approaches including data driven debriefing and introduction of the approach “Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice.” Dr. Hunt has been fortunate to have the opportunity to present, practice or teach about pediatric resuscitation issues throughout the world.