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Learning Strategies

Do you know the best way to learn at the college level? Enroll in Learning Strategies to prepare you for the challenges of academic life.

If you want to build confidence and skills in learning and earn a good grade point average, the Learning Strategies program is designed for you. You will learn how to learn more effectively and efficiently and work smarter not necessarily harder.

The program's courses teach thinking, learning and self-management strategies necessary for success at the college level. These include:

  • textbook strategies
  • lecture note-taking strategies
  • exam strategies
  • memory strategies
  • math strategies
  • organizational strategies
  • time-management strategies
  • problem solving and decision making strategies

Students who choose Learning Strategies courses have higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate.  Enroll in a course that meets your needs today!

Elective Credit and Financial Aid Eligible

The program offers 1 credit courses and a 3 credit college success course. All courses are financial aid eligible and count as elective credit. Students practice the learning strategies taught in class using their college course materials; therefore, it is recommended students also be enrolled in at least one other college level course.

Find Learning Strategies Courses

Going to College

The Learning Strategies Program also offers summer Learning Strategies courses for recent high school graduates who are planning on attending college. If you want to begin college equipped with strategies necessary for college success, these courses are for you! The summer courses are offered during the month of June. All course materials are provided.

High School Students

If you are a a junior or senior in high school you can enroll in a Learning Strategies class. If you are taking College Now or Quick Step classes, enroll in a Learning Strategies class to help you be successful in those classes. Home school students can also enroll. Please contact Valerie Mann for further information.